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Explore Most Haunted Spot

Include :

  • Entrance fee
  • English speaking driver and Guide
  • Parking fee
  • Offering, to pray before get in
  • Aircond car
  • Ubud art village or Waterfall if Intresting

Price : USD 40 / pax

Mins 2 person

Since the park - and its crocodile pit - was abandoned 14 years ago, it has literally crumbled, a sad reminder of an abandoned potential that was never realised.

Now, with shaky buildings threatening to fall at any moment, missing roofs and treacherous steps, local refer to the oldpark as a "ghost town".

But it's not just about the possible wandering will leave your hair standing in fear.

Rumour has it that the crocodiles left in the park eventualy

resorted to cannibalsm, so if you ever visit, do take special care to avoid the old crocodile pit and pools filled with polluted, black water

The reptiles might have been removed many yaers ago, but it's better safe than sprry, isn't it ?

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